Meet Adrienne

Hi there! I’m so glad you’re here!

I am so blessed to do what I do because I love weddings, and I’m in love with love! Growing up, I was always involved in the wedding industry in one way or another. My mother was a church organist and played for beautiful weddings around the world and I was so lucky to come along as she played to watch so many couples exchange vows and pledge their lives to one another. My dad is not only a pastor, but also a marriage and family counselor and a strong supporter of meaningful, lasting, and faith-filled marriage.

As much as I learned from their professional lives, I learned even more from the example they set in their own marriage—how much they loved each other, cared for one another, worked as a team in parenthood, and so much more. After so many years of marriage they were still each other’s best friend and the love of each other’s lives. Their love set a standard for the type of person I should spend the rest of my life with, and inspired me to serve couples who are this “in love” with one another, if not more!

I’m married to my best friend, college sweetheart, and the love of my life, Josh, and together we live in Hampton, Virginia! We are the proud parents of our sweet and joyful son, James, and our rambunctious but kind French Bulldog, Nina. I love the color Pink, Kate Spade, beautiful blooms, everything that has to do with music, and of course, hot chocolate!

My family and friends mean the world to me, and I’m so grateful for their presence in my life—I don’t know where I’d be without them! Jesus is the lover of my soul, and I am reminded everyday how wonderful it is to be His child, and how humbled I am to be saved by His grace.

I am a lover of life’s sweetest moments, and I am so blessed to make them come alive through beautifully executed wedding days!

But enough about me. I’d love to get to know you and hear about your dream wedding! I can’t wait to meet you!


Our Philosophy

Every sweet moment in your life deserves be celebrated!

Heart’s Content Events & Design is a wedding planning, design and floral boutique that specializes in the art of marriage and making your wedding day a foretaste of the joy to come.

The foundation of the Heart’s Content comes from one of my favorite Bible verses: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Love is something that can not be defined in words, but I believe that those sweet moments in life speak for themselves. Like that father who held his daughter’s hand as he walked her to her first day of school, and now gets to walk her down the aisle to the new love of her life. Or that best friend who has been there through thick and thin and yet again proves how wonderful they are by standing by your side during your wedding day. How about that grandparent, family member, or friend who traveled a long distance to congratulate you on this special moment in your life. And of course we can’t forget your sweetie, the love of your life, and your best friend who is pledging their life to you in front of all your friends and loved ones.

Those special people and these special moments are what you treasure in your heart, and they deserve to be celebrated!

We truly believe in the power of meaningful relationships and marriages—that the bond that you have between yourself and your fiancé is truly special and like no other. And our couples believe that too! Heart’s Content couples are best friends, team mates, partners in crime, the reason the other gets up in the morning, and everything in between. They are stylish to boot, and love incorporating their personal styles in every part of their lives, especially their wedding day. They are visionaries, doers, and dreamers, and have a unique ability to see the potential in every situation. And most importantly, they value each other and family above all else, and talk about each other in such a way that just about brings those around them to tears, because everyone can feel the love that radiates between these two individuals.

I treat every couple as if they are my own family, and every wedding as if it were my own, because this day is just that special and just that important! I’m so blessed to walk alongside my couples, become friends with them, and get to know their heart’s desires, dislikes, quirks, and everything else that makes them special, to create a personalized wedding experience that highlights their love for one another and everyone around them.