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Happy Wedding Wednesday, everyone!!! All this week we’ve been gearing up for a very special wedding…Carrie & Akiem’s wedding!! Carrie and Akiem are one of those couples that are so much fun to be around! Carrie and Akiem met at Old Dominion University and were members of Greek Life, there!! And let me tell you…they definitely know how to throw a party! They infused their stylish, fun, and sophisticated personalities throughout their stunning wedding at The Boathouse at Rocketts Landing in Richmond, VA!

What makes them so special, is that they really care for one another and look out for each other above all else. You could tell in simple ways, like how they held each other’s hands at wedding planning meetings, how they compromised on tough decisions throughout the process, and how whenever they looked at each other, you could just tell that their love ran deep for one another. And you can’t forget their teamwork as puppy parents to their adorable dog, Norie!! I know this wedding is going to be filled with so much love because they will be surrounded by family and friends that love them so much, and because of the foundation they built together in putting each other first, and loving each other unconditionally.

Working with them has been so much fun, and I am so so very excited for their gorgeous wedding this Saturday! I can’t wait to share all the details with you!! Until then, swoon over their responses as they answer some questions to help us all get to know them better, and their vision for their wedding day!! Enjoy their engagement photos by Dulce de V Photography, as well!!


Where and how did you guys meet? (Carrie) New to Greek life, me and my sorority sisters were grabbing dinner in the Webb Center café at Old Dominion University when we ran into Akiem and a few of his fraternity brothers. I already knew some of Akiem’s fraternity brothers. However, Akiem and I had yet to meet. Eager to meet one another, they all decided to eat dinner together. The conversation was going great when Akiem asked if Carrie and her sisters were going to a housewarming they’d all been invited to. Newly acquainted, everyone agreed to meet at the house warming later that night and Black Berry Messenger (BBM) contacts were exchanged.

Akiem, complete the sentence: When I first saw Carrie, I thought… Now I see what my friends were talking about!

Same for you, Carrie! He seems like the life of the party!


Carrie, how did you first know that Akiem was “the one?” Akiem and I were playing a card game in his dorm room when, all of a sudden, I had an asthma attack. I had never seen Akiem move so fast (he ran all the way across campus to get my inhaler). When he returned, I could tell he was trying to hold back tears. From that moment, I knew he really cared about me. The feelings were definitely mutual.

That’s so sweet! What about you, Akiem? I don’t recall one specific moment in time where I knew she was the one. Rather, it was the many times she stuck by my side when things got rough. I’ve never had someone that cares for me like Carrie does. She never misses a beat.


Who said, “I love you” first? What was the story behind it? We don’t really recall who said I love you first. It kind of just happened!

How did he propose? Akiem proposed the day after Carrie’s birthday. He and Carrie’s mother arranged a surprise birthday cookout for Carrie. At the cookout, Akiem projected a slide show that recapped the last five years of their relationship. After the slide show was finished, Akiem popped the question in front of all Carrie’s closest friends and family.

Awww so sweet and meaningful!! Okay, now it’s time for some wedding details!! If you could describe your wedding in three words, what would they be? Blessed. Loving. Celebratory.

Carrie, what did you love most about planning your wedding? I love that planning our wedding has brought us even closer together. I absolutely love that I am not the only one excited about the planning aspects; Akiem has played an active role since day 1. He picks up where I lack, and vice versa. This process has not only reminded me why I fell in love with him, but has also shown how much we’ve grown together over the years.


And you, Akiem? Working together to create one of the most special days of our lives. Teamwork is the foundation of any marriage. We’ve enjoyed putting together our first big project.

Your wedding is in a couple days!! How do the two of you feel? (Carrie) Excited, happy, nervous, and anxious all at once! I just want everything to be perfect, although I know perfection doesn’t exist because we are human. But I am positive that the day will be one of the most special days of our lives, and it will always be perfect in our eyes. (Akiem) Excited, nervous and anxious but, most importantly, ready!


Give our readers out there a little sneak peek into your wedding! We want to know the deets!! (Akiem) We wanted the overarching theme of the wedding to be modern with a touch of vintage, exuding class and elegance. Carrie loves exposed brick and floor to ceiling windows- that was a must for the reception area! We both knew we wanted a ceremony overlooking the James River and the beautiful city of Richmond. The Boathouse at Rocketts Landing was a perfect match. The wedding colors are light and summery- blush, rose, ivory, cashmere, and tan. We want to create an atmosphere that encourages our guests to look their best so they can celebrate at their best. Some special touches we’ve decided on are chair sashes, floating candles, a mirrored seating chart, and a photo booth!

Eek!!! I can’t wait!! The HC Team loves to have fun with our couples and give or brides and grooms “code names” on the wedding day. What would be your ideal wedding day code name? (Carrie) Slayonce! (Akiem) Mr. Jones!


What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day? Celebrating such a blessed occasion with family and friends and reflecting on our journey thus far with them.

Where are you guys going for your honeymoon? The Dominican Republic!

What are you looking forward to most in your marriage? Continuing to strengthen our relationship, raising a family of our own, and experiencing all life has to offer as one unit.

What advice would you give to newly engaged couples? Enjoy the ride! Planning a wedding, even with the help of a wonderful event planner like Adrienne, can be stressful for any couple. You’ll learn much about each other and your relationship while making decisions about your wedding- compromise, sacrifice, effective communication, and working as a team are all vital. Akiem also wants to add his piece of advice- get a puppy LOL


Carrie and Akiem, it has truly been an honor being the coordinator and designer for your wedding, walking alongside you throughout this journey, and watching your love grow! I just can’t wait for your beautiful day, and for the future of your beautiful marriage!! 3 more days, ya’ll!! Let’s do it!!

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