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You did it!! You and the love of your life have reached this pivotal season in your lives. You’re engaged! CONGRATULATIONS!! Your relationship is growing everyday, and you decided to take this incredible step to commit your lives to one other through sacred vows. Let me tell you…you two are about to embark on one of the most incredible journeys of your lives. I was just having a conversation with Josh the other day, after looking through our engagement photos, about how quickly these last four year have gone, and how much we’ve grown in our relationship since then. My dear lovebirds, I pray you experience the same joys Josh and I have, for many years to come. I pray you grow together, learn together, walk together, fight for one another, and fall in love with each other again and again, every single day. I know there are so many things on your mind right at this moment. And you may even feel lost on where to even start. But I’m here to ease your mind, but sharing 5 things you can do to start planning for one of the most special days of your lives, and all the joy to come.

  1. Celebrate! Yes, I mean it. Throw the confetti, do a happy dance, and enjoy this moment!! Getting engaged is no small event. Like I said before, you are beginning a journey toward marriage, and loving each other for the rest of your lives. And that, in itself, deserves to be celebrated!! Call all your friends and family, have a party, gush over that stunning new bling on your left ring finger, share fond memories, and hopeful dreams for the future. All in all, it’s so important for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy this special moment, even before you start looking at lace, tulle, and wedding gowns. If you feel compelled to get started, take this time to evaluate your close relationships, and determine who you’d like to stand by your side on your special day. Your season of engagement will be full of so many special memories, and you should take the time to enjoy it.
  2. Pick a date! It’s time to pick a wedding date! But how? Think about special days throughout your relationship. Your anniversary, your parent’s anniversary, the first day you kissed, your favorite season of the year, and so on. Pick a date that is both significant to the two of you (which will help significantly in remembering when it is each year), while asking family members and friends about their availability. Obviously, you want the people who matter most in your lives to be there to witness this moment in your lives, so consult them and make sure it’s a time of year that they can be there to celebrate with you.
  3. Establish a budget! Ah yes, the dreaded “B” word…budget! In a dream world we could all plan a dreamy wedding experience with no purse strings attached. But this dream may not be reality, and let me tell you something, that’s okay! There are so many ways to plan the wedding of your dreams within your means. But it is so important to consider your finances when planning your special day, and be realistic about what you can, and can not spend. Consider the average cost of weddings in your area, the amount of guests you will invite, the type of wedding experience you would like to have, and your top three wedding must-haves. Then formulate a budget that will help you achieve those goals, while keeping in mind the future. I strongly believe that how you handle your finances during this season will often predict how your finances will be handled years down the road in your marriage. It’s so important to be good stewards over your financial resources for your wedding day, just as much as every other day of your married lives.
  4. Look for, and book your wedding venue, wedding planner, and wedding photographer! Now that you’ve established your budget, it’s time to search for your wedding team. If you’re lost on where to begin, I suggest that you build your foundation with searching for your wedding venue, wedding planner, and wedding photographer. Wedding venues begin booking quickly, and in order to secure your date, this should be secured first. Often the wedding venue you have will make the wedding design so much easier by providing the aesthetic you are searching for. Then, hire your wedding planner. You may think that a wedding planner is not needed–besides, you have a very enthusiastic mother, mother-in-law, and bridesmaids who are full of ideas and ready to step in to help you plan your day. But let’s be real, would you rather them run all around on your wedding day perfecting details instead of standing by your side, being present, and enjoying this incredible moment with you? If your answer is the latter, then yes, you are definitely in need of a wedding planner–that person who will help you search for and coordinate your vendors, help you formulate your wedding budget, develop your wedding timeline, fluff your wedding gown for perfect pictures, make sure Uncle Joe wears his pants the whole night (trust me, I’ve seen it all), and goes above and beyond to ensure that every detail of your wedding day is absolutely perfect. Now, pick your wedding photographer! Consider your budget, and the type of wedding you would like to have, and search for the perfect photographer that will create the experience you need to make those gorgeous memories freeze in time. Who you pick as your wedding photographer is so important to ensure every reaction, romantic gaze, and joyful celebration is captured for many years to come.
  5. Invest in Premarital Counseling! This is something I’m so passionate about, and I hope that you will be too. There are so many misconceptions that premarital counseling is for couples that have problems in their relationship, and of course, during this special time, you don’t feel that you fall into this category. But premarital counseling is for every engaged couple! Your counselor will help you cover all your bases as you prepare for all the joy that comes after your wedding day. Nitty gritty subjects such as finances, household responsibilities, schedules, family history, future plans, and so much more will be covered, and will help you get on the right foot for a meaningful and successful marriage. Remember, it’s just as important to invest in your marriage, as it is to invest in your wedding day. You definitely won’t regret taking this step in the long run.

I hope this post eases your mind and gives you an idea on where to start as you begin your wedding planning process! If you’re still lost, remember that I’m in your corner, and would love to answer any questions you may have! Again, congratulations, and I hope this season is full of celebration, fond memories, sweet moments, growing opportunities, and that it’s just a foretaste of all the joy to come.

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